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What’s the heat transfer printing label for plastic?

By Ani | Oct.13,2021

Heat transfer printing is a method of printing graphics and text onto plastic labels using heat and pressure. In this process, a transfer film is printed with the desired design and then applied to the plastic label using heat and pressure. The heat activates the transfer film's adhesive, which causes it to bond to the plastic surface. The transfer film is then removed, leaving the design printed on the plastic label.

Heat transfer printing is commonly used for labeling plastic containers, toys, and other consumer products. It offers a high-quality, durable and long-lasting print, and it is ideal for printing complex designs and multiple colors. Additionally, heat transfer printing allows for the use of specialized inks and printing techniques that produce vibrant, eye-catching graphics.

Compared to other labeling methods such as screen printing or inkjet printing, heat transfer printing offers several benefits, including a more consistent and high-quality print, the ability to print on a wider range of plastic surfaces, and the ability to print designs with intricate details and multiple colors.